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About me

Interested in artificial intelligence, experienced with computer vision and deep learning, curious about what computers can ultimately and cannot (yet) do. Joining UIUC as a PhD student next Fall!


Warcraft III Map Making

I got my first taste of programming in secondary school, making maps (similar to mods) for a game Warcraft III. It started as an anti-cheat patch for an existing map (兵戰), and I later started adding new features. At some point, I completely reprogrammed the entire map. The tradeoff between game balancing and fun is the most daunting task.

18 versions were released from 2011 to 2016.


Cats @ HKUST

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drawing drawing drawing
drawing drawing drawing

Robotics Team

I joined the HKUST Robotics Team in UG year 1. We missed champion in Hong Kong Robocon 2016 with the lack of experience and struck back to win champion in 2017. We represented Hong Kong in the International Robocon 2017 competition in Tokyo and took home the Best Design Award.

I developed various low-level libraries (communication protocol, PID, peripheral sensors) and high-level functionalities (path planning, state machines), and picked up cruical engineering/problem solving skills in this journey.

I was the chairperson for the 8th Robot Design Contest in HKUST for new member recruitment. Grateful to this amazing team and all the enthusiastic teammates!

Credit: Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK).